A core principle of the Innovation Collaborative is that entrepreneurial thoughts and actions are vital to our region’s progress. Creating our collective entrepreneurial mindset is key to creating a vibrant culture.

And what is an entrepreneurial mindset? Every person in the community isn’t going to be starting a business, are we?  The quick answer is no.

An entrepreneurial mindset is a tool that empowers the lives of individuals of all ages, walks of life, and professions. It is a tool that teaches us that we are not casualties of our current circumstances. We are empowered to see challenges as opportunities and to understand that we, alone or collectively, are responsible for becoming valuable to the world around us.

Those of us that have an entrepreneurial mindset see problems as opportunities. People with an entrepreneurial mindset develop creative solutions to problems. Once they decide on a unique solution, they rigorously take that solution to the streets.

Entrepreneurially minded individuals and teams believe in their solutions enough to do whatever it takes to serve their solutions to their communities, families, employers, and the world. Having perseverance and grit and not being afraid to fail is the cornerstone of American progress.

Discovering Ice House

The Ice House program was developed in partnership with the Kauffman Foundation, one of the world’s foremost thought leaders on entrepreneurship.

Emerging research defines entrepreneurship as the discovery and pursuit of new opportunities. In this definition, the key words are discovery and opportunity. What is the process that entrepreneurs use to discover opportunity? Does the opportunity come from the will of entrepreneurs or shifts in market forces? What is the best method to discover and pursue new opportunities?

Both the individual and the surrounding forces of the market drive opportunity.

The Ice House program teaches a method to that allows participants to understand the full life cycle of identifying, analyzing, and pursuing new opportunities.

Ice House Erie’s Leadership Program

Most recognize intuitively that as a community, Erie needs to pursue new opportunities. We encourage and support entrepreneurs who are creating new businesses. We encourage government to become more innovative in service delivery that both utilize resources more efficiently and have more transformational impact. We are working to provide our workforce with the skills they need to win jobs in the global economy that increasingly rely on critical and creative thinking and problem solving.

To learn more about how Ice House is being deployed throughout the community, check out the video below: