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Open for Business

Citizens of Colorado Springs have seen a change in their culture. A thirst for change in the community, both the business community and the government side of things – you can feel the desire for change. This city was ready to encourage individuals to take whatever it is they are interested in and go do it, don’t get approval, just go do it. The mayor, we are open for business.

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Ice House, it was pretty impactful

In family dynamics sometimes you are looked upon as trying to be more than you are.  My people were not positive and I had to learn quickly, you are either going to join them or path it out for yourself, you are going to have to find a way. When all is said and done I...

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We don’t know the work

Ice House – what we can teach you
We are teaching students tomorrow for jobs that do not exist and that is not an easy task. We can’t teach you the labors of the work, because we don’t know the labors of the work. What we can teach you is how to think…

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Why Ice House?

Redefining Entrepreneurship – ELI Founder, Gary Schoeniger

It’s a Choice – Tom Darling

Tom Darling is the Division Manager for the City of Albuquerque’s Public Service University and One of Albuquerque’s leaders in the Entrepreneurial Mindset Program. In this video he shares how our mindset towards getting to our goals is a choice, not a result of circumstance.

Who owns the Ice House?

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Start with the why

The Asch Experiment

Stories from Ice House Training’s

The Entrepreneurial Mindset at the City of Albuquerque

Published on Mar 21, 2016

The entrepreneurial mindset shifts everyday thinking into a new framework, empowering people to recognize opportunity, to identify real problems, to creatively deploy solutions, and to accomplish extraordinary things, day-in-day-out. It fosters the creative and critical thinking, collaboration, communication, effective problem solving, and teamwork necessary to empower ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. This mindset is transforming the way our city works through the power of people.

Albuquerque is quickly becoming the most entrepreneurial city in America. In early 2015 the City of Albuquerque enrolled 100 City employees in the Entrepreneurial Mindset Program at Central New Mexico Community College, making Albuquerque the first city government in the nation to implement the ELI Entrepreneurial Mindset Program at such scale.